How do I pair my earphones to my device?

In order to successfully pair your earphones to your device, please follow these instructions:

  • Ensure your earphones are turned off.
  • Hold your finger on the centre button of the inline controller for 6-8 secs, until the LED light flashes rapidly Red and White.
  • In your devices Bluetooth settings, select BioConnected HR+

Check out the video on "pairing your earphones" in our support page

Can I listen to Music?

Absolutely. The sound quality is as premium as it gets. When paired with a bluetooth device, you can listen to anything.

Can I make calls with the HR+?
Yes. When paired with a bluetooth enabled phone, you can make and take phone calls with the HR+. You will find the microphone at the back of the inline controller.

How good is the sound quality?
Seriously good! Concert level sound with bass you can feel and crystal clear highs.

Will it fit in my ear?
There are 3 custom sized shark fin stabilisers and 3 custom made ear gels so you can get a comfortable and secure fit.

Do I have to look at the phone to see my metrics?
No, it is designed to be a screen-free experience with an audible coach.

Why is heart rate important?
If you want to train effectively you need to know your heart rate training zone. If you want to know how fit you are, a valid heart rate measurement is required. If you want accurate energy expenditure, you need an accurate heart rate measurement first.If you want to understand if you're training too hard you need to know what your training heart rate stress load is.

Don’t worry, the BioConnected App will take these measurements and analyze them for you so you understand if you are improving your performance and health.

How accurate is it? Has it been validated?
Its been validated against ECG so you have the best lab equipment in the smallest possible consumer device.

Does it work with a smart watch?
If your smart watch has bluetooth and plays music the HR+ will work with your smart watch. If your smart watch accepts heart rate over low energy bluetooth you can use the HR+ to read your heart rate.

Does it work with other apps?
Yes, it works with all apps that read heart rate over bluetooth. That is almost all major running exercise apps.

Do I need a phone to use it?
It will work for music with all devices that relays music over bluetooth. If you want to use the BioConnected App then you will need your phone. If you want to use the heart rate you can use any bluetooth enabled device or software.

What if I don’t like it?
We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so if you are unsatisfied we will refund your money. Don’t worry, we are confident you will love it.

Does the product come with a warranty?
Yes. It has a 1 year manufacturing warranty. We are also so confident you will love your HR+ that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The HR+ sports earphones have been coated with Nanofics plasma protection to prevent them from sweat. We guarantee that your earphones will be protected from sweat and offer this as a lifetime warranty against sweat.

Can I swim with them?
It is sweat and weather proof but we wouldn’t recommend swimming with it. It is a bluetooth headset and bluetooth doesn’t work under water.

What sports can it be used for?
All your exercises including: Running, Cycling, Indoor/outdoor, Cross-fit, Yoga, Meditation, Gym, etc

What is the price?
RRP $299 AUD

Can I pair it to multiple devices? How do I do it?
Yes, up to 8 devices. For each device you will need to go through the pairing mode to connect on the first occasion.

How long does the battery last?
Up to 7 hours music play time and up to 5 hours combined fitness tracking.

How do I charge it?
Via a micro USB on the right earbud base. A charging cable is provided.