About Bioconnected

BioConnected is an Australian sports tech start up. Dedicated to ensuring that technology is part of the health and wellness solution, not the problem.

We are specialists in integrated health and fitness biofeedback technology using validated earphone biometric optical sensors. Put simply, we manufacture state-of-the-art biometric earphones and develop the software to power this technology.

First up, we are launching the world’s first biosensing earphones that measure both heart rate and heart rate variability and alongside our app, we can monitor every fitness metric. This then helps you accurately track, goal set and improve during your exercise sessions. Giving you everything you need to be your best self, from the inside out.

The Management Team

Dr Sven Rees

Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Sven holds a PhD from University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He previously lectured in the disciplines of Sports Medicine, Strength and Conditioning and Clinical Exercise Physiology at UTS, University of Sydney and at Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) for over 10years.

Sven has extensive experience in Sport and Exercise Science; having worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the New South Wales Institute of Sport, as a Sport Scientist at the Sydney Academy of Sport and as an Exercise Physiologist in his own practice.

He has worked with a wide range of individuals: from Olympians, elite sporting teams through to individuals with chronic diseases.

Chris Huggett

Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer

Chris Huggett is a 17-year video marketing veteran, accommplished graphic and UX designer.

His skillset has seen him work across Australian and UK Television, a variety of international opening and closing cermonies, large scale international and local events such as Vivid and with small to medium size businesses.

Chris’ passion to help Australian’s become healthier began when his closest friend unexpectedly passed due to a cardiac event 9 years ago. Chris also has a young family and is keen to stay fit enough to out run them for at least another year or two.

Dr Kay Trippner

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Kay has a strong commercial and finance background. He has gained extensive experience in financial roles as director and senior manager within the Volkswagen group in Germany and Asia.

His passion for sports, being a competitive runner as a child and a passionate cyclist for many years, motivated him to step into the world of sports and hight tech. He joined the Bioconnected team as a shareholder and commercial director, because of his belief in the positive influence that the right technology in sports and health can bring to people's wellbeing.

Ian Bell

Chief Marketing Officer

Ian has over 17 years extensive international marketing experience, working across consumer electronics and FMCG.

After an extensive career his most recent roles were as head of brand at Red Bull Australia and head of marketing communications at Samsung.

His dream is to take this wealth of experience and apply it to helping an Australian start up be part of a health and fitness revolution. That must be why he's smiling so much!