HR+ Biosensing Sports Earphones …
More than just great sound.

…plus much, much more.

For serious performers

No longer is there such a thing as an amateur — now, we are all athletes. And as an athlete, you need the right equipment to get you to even higher levels of performance.

HR+ Biosensing Sports Earphones. One device to help you simplify your workout and achieve your fitness goals.


When you are gunning for peak performance, accuracy of data is everything. Nothing else other than scientifically validated clinical-grade heart rate monitor accuracy will do. Now you can finally rely upon & trust the world’s best Sport Scientists to deliver “gold standard” accuracy from each workout.

Serious Performance

Your technology should perform as well as you. That means maximum comfort, reliability and usability. So we added in a 3-Axis Ear Locking Stabilization System and Twin 60mAh batteries for up to 7 hours of solid play. Bluetooth connectivity to free your workouts, 3rd party app integration & sweat proof Nanofics® plasma protection